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Monday, May 02, 2005

What is the key? Listen, Listen, Listen

Suffering people are around us all. Whether it's the office we work in or the worker at the gas station taking our money, people are hurting, needing help and love.

I applaud those who want to reach out and help. I appreciate those who are willing to seek out those who are hurting and give them a loving hand.

However, once you have reached out - what to do? The key? Listen, listen, listen.

When you are desiring to enter into complete empathy with someone who is hurting, that does not mean that you share your own suffering with that person, unless asked, or prompted by the Holy Spirit. Speaking about our own hurts seldom helps the person in pain.

I have watched as someone has come to the bedside of a dying individual, and without any kind of sensitivity said something like: "I remember when my Aunt Didi had the same condition and how she died of the same thing."

I cringed.

I quote: "A wounded healer is someone who can listen to a person in pain without having to speak about his or her own wounds."

True healing comes about by reaching out with a listening ear. By not directing attention to ourselves.

We show our caring through our own listening to others with our whole being. That brings about healing.

I know I appreciate friends in my life who listen without offering any answers.

Why not today, instead of giving pat answers or rote scriptures, simply listen?

1 comment:

Youth Extreme said...

I hear you.....But what about those who go through life from one tragidy to another. Who when things are good look for and expect bad things to happen? They continuly blame others and the world for their problems without taking on the responsibility for their decisions and actions. These people I find are very hard to listen to and not speak up....

I want to shout, "look idiot it is because you have no common sense and continue to make poor choices that your life is so miserable." But no I try and listen, offer encouragement and move on...Keeping an eye out so I can avoid them if possible...Now don't be so holy as we all do this.

For those who are truly hurting I agree listen and be silent...Those who choose to hurt, speak boldly and shout at them....