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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Listening to God

"You're not listening to me," cries the frustrated teenager to his mom or the angry employer to his employee. "Slow down and listen!"

I wonder if God ever feels that way about us. He speaks and the question becomes, "are we listening?"

Here's a twist on listening that might add to your life today.

The word obedience includes the word audire which means "listening." In other words, when I am obedient to what God commands, that shows that I am really "listening" to His words for my life.

When I see a mature Christian, I see someone who hears the voice of God's spirit in their inner soul and follow through on what He is saying.

The question is not, "is God speaking" but "are we listening," or "are we being obedient to his commands.

What's wonderful about God (and what I struggle with sometimes) is that He is involved, actively present in our lives at all times and all places. God is a God who cares, heals, guides, directs, challenges, confronts, corrects.

God is a God who wants to lead us closer to understanding who He is and who we are.

To be obedient means to be constantly and consistently focused on the presence of God and allow Him to be the source as well as the goal of everything that we think, say and do.

Why not focus on God today - and listen?

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DBoyer said...

An interesting verse to me is one that says, "He will guide you with his eye." My father would often guide me with his eye as he would speak from the platform. There was a look that he gave me that no one else recognized, but it said to me, "Straighten up, or we are going to have a conversation when we get home tonight!" Sometimes my dad would simply clear his throat and I knew what that meant!I've always thought it was alot easier to be guided by my Father's eye or throat clearings than by the lengthy lectures or even the spankings. I've tried to be a person that God can guide with his eye, so he doesn't have to use a 2 X 4 to get my attention.