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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mercy or Justice?

Have you ever let someone down? I know I have. In fact, what bothers me even more than other people letting me down is when I do something that lets other people down.

When people wound us we cry out, "how could they - I want justice!" When we wound we plead, "have mercy on me - I am only human!"

Justice. Mercy. Two sides of the proverbial coin.

What do you need today? Justice or Mercy?

I suspect in God's mind that He keeps a close watch on the justice we hand out, and how we do it. Whether we are quick to forgive or not.

And then when we need mercy, he is more than ready and able and willing to help arrange circumstances and people to give mercy to us in our time of need.

And let me tell you this....If you have to choose between the two today - choose mercy. For as the scriptures teach us: "Mercy always triumphs over judgment."


Pope Benedict XVI said...

I'm watching too.

Youth Extreme said...

Wow even the Pope is getting on and reading your site.....Justice and mercy..As a father I want justice when my boys misbehave, as a husband I want mercy when I hurt my wife. To many times we allow petty things done by others to cause us to inflict undue justice. Someone will make an innocent remark, we take it wrong, and immediatly want to seek revenge and extract justice. When what we really need to do is go to the person and ask for mercy and understanding. As a society we take others for granted as long as our needs are being met, we rarly put ourselves in thier position to see how our actions effect others. We all need to spend a day as the person who causes us the greatest amount of pain, so that we may understand better how to show them mercy...

Melissa said...

I love the mercy of God, I need it every day! However, I also love the justice of God in my life. I want God to judge me now so I can grow and change while on this earth, with the hope that the judgement seat of Christ will be less severe.
I would rather fall on The Rock and be broken, than have the Rock fall on me and be crushed (Mat 21:44)
I may have taken this scripture out of context but the point is I want to be open and surrendered to His correction so that I may truly reveal His glory. That is my goal any way