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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

To be or not to be

I've heard of getting "cold feet" before getting married, but this takes the cake. Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, decides that John Mason is not the guy for her. She runs away, cuts her hair, resurfaces in New Mexico, and shares a wild tale of being kidnapped.

It was false.

People are upset in Duluth, Georgia where she comes from.

Her husband-to-be says that he wants to still marry her. He said that "even though they haven't said their "I do's, his commitment was made the day he bought her ring." He says, "I'm not backing down from that."

Now that's commitment.


Should he marry her if she wants to get married?

Should the authorities in Duluth, Georgia prosecute her?

What do you think?


jarTO said...

It sounds like he loves her unconditionally. It’s nice to see someone who is not swayed by society and media, but loves her for who she is. He clearly is prepared to live his life with her through good and bad. Also, his response in the media has been a commitment to God first and then her. I commend him for loving her despite all the negative publicity and wanting to press on to help her and live his life with her.

On the question “Should the authorities in Duluth, Georgia prosecute her,” how much will it cost taxpayers to take this to court? If it cost the same or close to the same amount they are seeking restitution, then what’s the purpose? I am sick and tired of taxpayer dollars being used on wrongs (I mean, is it really a crime?) that are no threat to society. If she needs to pay restitution, yes, but do it in a way that reduces expenses in the judicial system, not increases them. Possible imprisonment - it serves no purpose but to take more money out of taxpayer's pockets.

Youth Extreme said...

BIG PICTURE...Here is the typical big wedding, 14 brides maids!!! It is no wonder she freaked out. Trying to please 14 women, a mother, mother In-Law, church ladies...I would have freaked and ran also...There is a lesson here for women who want to get married, keep it simple and small. I think once the dust settles they should get married in a small cermoney with just parents and family. I appluad him for seeing through the media circus and stil loving this women, she really needs this support at this time.

Now, should the prosecute? Good question. She lied, stole and cheated people. If a law was broken then there should be restitution to those who were wronged. Should it be a national media circus? I hope not but we do live in the U.S. As with any sin there is consequences even after we are forgiven. No sin is any greater then another.

Only in America do we get caught up in a run a way bride story and ignore the greater problems of the world.

Firstag Music said...

It's always difficult for us to judge these stories accurately since we don't know all of the facts. All we hear is what the media says based on their information and best guesses.

I don't feel she should be prosecuted by the Georgia authorities because all she really did was run away (since when do we prosecute runaways?)

She lied to the authorities in New Mexico, and they decided to free her. She lied to her family, and they decided to accept her. She lied to her fiance and he decided to forgive her. Maybe the rest of us who have no personal investment in her life can let it go and let her get on with her life.

SeptMom said...

I think he should marry her and I think they should make her pay back what it cost the town to search for her