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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The sounds of silence

I am old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel's song entitled, "The sounds of silence."

Really, silence can be deafening in our lives.

Yet we struggle with it - I know that I do.

Our hearts, minds and souls are filled with noise, every minute of every day - especially in the age of social media.

Here's my challenge and word to you today:  Let's begin a process whereby we allow ourselves to spend time in the presence of the Lord in silence - both individually and corporately.

A.W. Tozer has written that in some instances, absolute silence might well become our greatest act of worship.

Revelation 8:1 shares with us:  "When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour."

I have been in worship situations where all of a sudden a "holy hush" would fall upon everyone standing there in worship.  No one would move.  No one would say anything.

And really, friends, that is when the glory of God begins to call.  The Shekinah glory of God.

In stillness, that is when life is put into perspective.

In stillness, that is when our hearts are filled with peace.

In stillness, that is when clarity can come in the midst of confusion.

In stillness, that is when we can really understand and experience the holiness of God.

Andrew Murray has written, "the very thought of God in His majesty and holiness should silence us."

But we must also learn to carve out holy moments of silence individually.

In Psalm 131:2, the writer talks of quieting his heart before God or, as The Message phrases it, "I've cultivated a quiet heart."


I cultivated.

In other words, I am working to create an environment of stillness in my heart and life where I block everything out but God.

Bill Hybels has written, "Is the ambient noise level of my life low enough for me to hear the whispers of the Lord?"

My encouragement today?  Let God hear your worship today - in silence.  Listening to Him.  Thinking about Him.  Learning from Him.

Just a thought for a Thursday.