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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The value of a dime

In our economic culture dimes aren't worth much. But in life they are worth a lot. I am constantly amazed how our lives can change "on a dime."

One minute life is tranquil, safe and calm, the next, full of anxiety, stress and worry. One event can change a life. One event can change a nation.

Yesterday a Battle Creek police officer was shot and killed not far from where I live. It was a beautiful day yesterday. The officer probably thought of what he was going to do last evening. Maybe take a walk with his wife. Play with his kids. Go watch a movie. But all of that changed "on a dime."

Relationships can change "on a dime." In a moment of chaotic emotional insanity, each of us can ruin a lifelong friendship, whether it be through anger or a word that was spoken.

Our health can "change on a dime." A person goes in for a physical, finds out that he has a life terminating disease, and walks out thankful for the one day that he has.

Why not give your life to God today, "on a dime." Let today be a lifechanging event in your life.

For when my life changes, "on a dime," I want someone who never changes. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. His name - Jesus.


tony pino said...

Wow what an awesome Blog. I am
definetly a testimony of life changes on a dime. Many of those changes I inflicted on myself. When I was 25 I totaly walked away from Christ, which started my changes on a dime. I went from Christ to Bars, to drugs, to suicide attempts, to truoble with the law, to Gods grace of reaching for me and I finally took his hand. There were so many of those changes on a dime I could have been standing before God on the wrong side of eternity. I am so thankful he gave me that last change on a dime and I took it. Gods Grace is so precious I never want to take it for grant it.

Jon said...

Tony, your testimony is a true picture of our Lord and is shared, to some extent or another, by many who walked away for a time. I know that when I walked away from the church, God never left my side; when I was not living for Him, Jesus was interceding for me; when I was living truly (and deeply) in the world, the Holy Spirit kept tugging on my heart; and when I asked forgiveness and came back home, all Three welcomed me with open arms and embraced me. I never want to lose that again! Praise the Lord that even when we are unfaithful, He never wavers from us.