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Monday, May 09, 2005

Overcoming the "dailyness" of life

Someone once said that the difficult thing about life is that it is so "daily"!

Many times it's not the crisis of life (stuff happens) that are difficult to handle as the "dailyness" of our time on this planet. I find that there are those who don't have as much difficulty in dealing with events as they do with process.

You get up, go to work, come home, and many times inadvertently fall into patterns of behavior and a routine that leaves you open to at minimum leaving God out of your life and at worst falling away.

I would suggest that it's not so much the blatant temptations that come our way that can bring about a spiritual downslide but the consistency of living without a daily time with God.

Why not do something different today to get out of that routine? Why not drive home a different way, watch a little less television, go to bed at a different time, call a friend, write a letter, and perhaps even read the Bible.

Anything to break you out of your daily routine.

And perhaps something exciting will take place.


Firstag Music said...

The first job I had out of highschool was working in a factory in Detroit. My first few months I was doing different things all the time. But eventually they put me on the assembly line. Sure, I got very good at my task as I did it over and over again, but I always hoped for the oppotunity to do something different like loading the truck or making parts. When I did get those opportunities it was like having the freedom to think again. Nothing like breaking up the routine.

Teacherdude22 said...

I have a love-hate relationship with routines. People can set their watch by my routines. I get up, eat breakfast, have devotions with Cher, go to the gym, etc. I enjoy these aspects of routines. They set boundaries for me and keep me disciplined.

I, however, don't like it when my job or activities I do become routine. I know this may not make sense. I like to start at a certain time and have lunch at a certain time, but I don't like to do the same activitiy over and over again. I would not be a good factory worker or data entry type person because I need to be creative and tackle challenges. I like to be on the go.

For example: I go to the gym three to four days a week around the same time, but I might swim one day and eliptical the next.

I hope I am making sense...???

Youth Extreme said...

Routine to me is not doing the same thing twice. That is my routine. Teresa always complained when we first moved to Battle Creek that she could not figure where things were as I always took different paths to get to the same place. My philosophy in life is to take the road less traveled. When I need extra time for prayer I take a longer route to work in the morning so I can spend more time conversing with God and getting ready for the day...It works for me..

Jon said...

I thank the Lord that He has always put me in a place where I got to do a multitude of tasks so that routine was not present. I'm not sure how much routine I can handle but I'm reasonably certain that it is not much. I mean we have our scheduled events (church, ministry meetings, small groups, etc.) but God placed me in a job where each day, the potential is never to be the same. In the Army, I was a Military Policeman; the alternate wording for MP was Multi Purpose as we never seemed to do the same thing for very long. Over the course of my career there, I performed every task and job assignment there was available for an MP, with the exclusion of canine handler (and I had one of those for a roommate for a year so it was almost like being one myself as I helped him with training and care of the dog--believe me, you WANT your roommates dog to like you, especially when he's been trained to attack!), and there are over 54 separate major tasks for MPs from battlefield to law enforcement to motor pool duties. When I left the service, God placed me in a job (law enforcement with the VA) where I was able to use the gifts and talents that He gave me to move up from a patrol officer to soon be the head of the department. Praise Him! The life of all of our law enforcement personnel is one fraught with danger but it is also one where things can change in a split second from peaceful "routine" patrol (by the way, routine patrol does not exist in police's always different) to major conflict in a heartbeat. That's what is so great about the work but it adds stress to us and to our families on a daily basis. So, I guess routine is good if you can get it (or can deal with it) but for me, I'd rather be challenged day after day with life and living...and doing both in the grace and love of our Creator, without whom I can do nothing.