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Monday, May 23, 2005

Enjoying God

A few years ago there was a book written entitled, "Don't sweat the small stuff - and everything is small stuff."

The idea is this: whenever you are stressed out, thinking that situation you are in will never get resolved or be overcome, just ask yourself, "What difference will it all make a thousand years from now?"

Worry is a form of Christian atheism. It says that "if it's to be it's up to me." I must take charge. I must resolve the issue. I must bring about resolution.

Last year Dave Stevens died. Dave was pastor of Eastside Assembly of God in Tucson, Arizona and contracted a deadly cancer. He was a great man, a great pastor.

We had the opportunity to be with Dave one last time in April, 2004 during a family vacation. While we were in Tucson, we visited Eastside Assembly and during the service David Grant spoke and raised (if I remember right) over 30,000 dollars for missions work overseas.

After the service we went to an Italian restaurant and were sitting at a table next to the table where Dave Stevens was sitting with his family and with David Grant.

Dave was dying at this time.

At our table were my family and Debbie's brother and sister-in-law who are new missionaries to China. I was sharing with Doug the different ways that David Grant was effective in his presentation concerning missions, and writing on a paper tablecloth some of the principles I had also learned in raising funds.

While I was writing and talking, Dave Stevens and his family got up to leave and Dave leaned over and saw what I was writing and talking about and the last words I ever remember hearing Dave speak to me were this: "George, can't you just enjoy the blessings of God?"

It spoke to me.

As you fret and worry and get upset over today's activities and worries and fears, don't forget to lean back, take a deep breath and "enjoy the blessings of God." For a moment, don't be a Martha, as when Jesus said, "Martha, Martha, you are so busy and worried and upset about so many things," but be a Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus and enjoy his presence.

Enjoy your health. Enjoy you family. Enjoy the food on your table. Enjoy the clothes on you back. But most of all, enjoy God.

Why not? It's better than the alternative.


Jon said...

This "not worrying" thing is so hard for us to learn and implement in our lives...just when you think you've got it down, something happens and you find yourself worrying again. I thought that I had this problem corrected, so much so that people at work would ask me why I didn't worry about all the things going wrong around me and people in my extended family would tell me that not worrying doesn't pay the bills. My response to both was that God is in control and I try to give all my worries to Him...I try to place those things I worry about in the GITJB (Give It To Jesus Box) and never try to get them back out again. Imagine my dismay on May 14th when I was discussing the block party with Bill (before it even started) and talking about my worries that the event wouldn't be well attended due to weather and the funeral of Detective Brann. It floored me when Bill simply said, "Jon, don't look for disaster before disaster happens." Very calm, very quiet, but oh, so powerful. I realized then what I was doing and asked for forgiveness but it shocked me how easily I could slip back into that mode of thought. I trust God in all things; He is in charge of my life and all it may contain, as He brings significance to whatever He wants me to do. Without Him, I could accomplish nothing...I know that sounds cliche but it is so, so true in my life. When I walked outside of God's will, my life was was miserable at times but, moreso, it was not what it could be. Once I rededicated myself to God and His will, my life has been joyous and rewarding. Not that problems don't arise, we are human after all, but that I know that if I leave the problems at the feet of the Master, I need fear nothing. We are truly blessed to be loved by the Lord.

Youth Extreme said...

Worry, what me worry? This is not to say that I don't have moments where I feel overwhelmed. But there is a difference. Worry means I am doing nothing but thinking about what the future holds and the amount of energy it is going to take to get there and allowing the unknown to cause stress in my life. Being overwhelmed means you are working hard to accomplish your goal and more and more work and activities continue to interfere with your ability to achieve. Worry keeps us from being happy, enjoying life and the little unexpected occurrences that happen daily to us. The last I knew none of us could control what happens outside of us. Oh we might be able to suggest and persuade others to perform for us, but we can not control. Weather changes, sickness happens, people come late or early, our goal is to react appropriately. Other peoples priorities are not our own. If we get caught up in trying to change others, control how people react we end up with a lot more stress in our life. If we recognize that each of us is different and each person brings a unique point of view and history and accept this, then we could accomplish so much more. My life has been spent watching people, seeing how they react to the daily changes in life. I try daily to enjoy the sun rise and sun set of each day. I try to bring a smile to everyone who I come in contact with. Life is short enough we should not try to shorten it more by stressing out over the color of a wall or the comments someone made. I challenge you today to take time and smell the flowers that are in full bloom, or go outside tonight and look at the stars and thank God for what he has created for us to enjoy….Then go in your home and kiss your wife and kids and tell them you love them….