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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You just don't know do you.

You just don't know do you what's going to happen in your life.

Yesterday, a friend of mine passed away. 73 years old. In apparent good health. Out hunting, doing what he loved to do and he dies and goes to be with Jesus.

I miss him already.

Faithful guy. Never missed a church service. Serve with distinction on our church deacon board. Loving family man. A praying man. A true servant of God.

And he goes to heaven in an instant.

You just don't know do you?

I'm planning of taking Memorial Day off and working in the yard. I'm planning on seeing my daughter graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks. I planning on doing the weddings for my kids, funerals for my mom and dad, and seeing grandkids born and raised.

Maybe I will and maybe I won't.

You just don't know do you.

It's on my heart that you be ready today.

Ready for what you say? Ready for eternal life.

The choices?

Heaven. Hell.

Yes, the do exist. For eternity and eternity is a long, long time.

How can you be ready?

It's on my heart today that you be ready.

Start a relationship with Jesus.

As God for forgiveness for you mistakes and failures.

Pray something like this:

"Jesus, I admit that I have made mistakes in the past and that I need you to have a relationship with God. Come into my life and change me, renew me and restore me. Forgive me. Free me to be the person you want me to be. In your name I pray. Amen."

May you live this day close to God, who created you, and gave His life so that you might have eternal life with Him.

You just don't know do you?


Words are deadly said...

I don't think any of us truly realize how insignificant we all are. If you really want to know what I mean then just look up at the stars. I mean God created the heavens and the earth and he also created the stars- yet he still remembered to create humans as well. We are a very precious thing to him. And we shouldn't take that lightly.

We dont need to run around acting crazy, like the world could die any minute. We don't need to be depressed thinking about how we may die or when. But what we DO need to do is live life to the fullest. Enjoy it, cherish it. And don't do or say something that we may regret- if we do, who knows? we may not get the chance to apoligize to that person or even to god before we die.

So I say, Live life to it's full. Enjoy a good adreniline rush now and then. And love god and Love people with all your heart. Don't hate- LOVE.

~Mindy Bartzen

Jon said...

I miss him too! He was one of the first men of the church to welcome me with open arms and always went out of his way to say hello and find out how I was. A true mover, though he was humble and modest, and we all will miss this pillar of our church. It is so important to be ready at any minute to return home to the Lord and I pray that all who read this blog would realize that and pray the prayer that the Pastor included. All of us have sinned (and still do) and fallen short of the glory of one is exempt from the truth. God is perfect and we need His grace to reach His side when we leave this world. Won't you please ask God to come into your life and secure your eternal future in the kingdom of Heaven.

May God keep and bless you...please remember to keep the family in prayer as they (and we) go through this time of loss. Though we know where he is right now, sitting at the feet of Jesus, still we feel the loss of our brother in Christ.