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Monday, November 03, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Debbie and I went and saw "Amazing Grace" (the musical) this past Friday - it was very good.

Of course, at the end, as the cast is singing the hymn, "Amazing Grace" (along with a good portion of the audience) it was difficult not to cry tears of rejoicing at God's goodness to us.

God is good - all the time.

Worship was phenomenal yesterday. 

Many thanks to our worship team.  There was a powerful sense of God's presence in the chapel.

Did you enjoy your extra hours' sleep last Saturday evening?

Missions banquet this coming Sunday!

We love missions!

We love missionaries!

One service.  11:00 A.M.  Sunday morning, November 9th.  Global Potluck dinner to follow.  Please plan on bringing an international dish to the lunch.

We will also be hearing a story of healing:  Cindy Sites, the wife of our missionary will be sharing of how God healed her from cancer.

I encourage you to vote tomorrow - and pray for the elections.

May God's will be done.

As I said yesterday, I can't wait for all of the attack ads to be over with - on television.
I read this today:
"It had to be a weird day for the Coast Guard when they got a report about a man in a bubble needing rescue in the middle of the ocean. Reza Baluchi, an ultra-marathoner attempting a globe-wide run to promote world peace, was attempting to "run" from Florida to Bermuda in the person-powered "bubble." But walking on water is for very elite company, and much like the last guy who thought it was a good idea to walk on the water (Peter), Baluchi needed to be rescued. Sometimes we are called to take crazy risks, in search of our goals, or just to follow Jesus. But if you're in over your head, don't be too proud to call for help. Walking on water isn't easy."
John Ortberg has written a book entitled, "If you want to walk on water - get out of the boat".  But I would add - don't forget to take people with you on the journey.
Love you all.

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