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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are you a bitter person?

Let me ask you today:  Are you a bitter person?
Have you been keeping score?
Is there a mental balance in your mind that every time that "someone" in your life who has hurts you does something, you say, "they owe me one?"
Some of you, in your marriage, you have had a spouse who made a major mistake - and you are still holding it over their head.
You are an unpleasable person because in your mind - no matter what they do - it is all just repayment.
No matter how good they are to you, you are saying, "They owe it to me."
You are unpleasable - because you won't forgive.
And let me tell you this:  You are killing the marriage - not the other person.
You're doing it by your unwillingness to forgive.
You are a bitter person who will never let them off the hook and you are holding in resentment and you have become unpleasable to the point that they want to say, "What's the use!  I'll never repay!"
In your mind you are saying, "You're right!"  "You never will!"
If you want to save your marriage (or any relationship), forgive, let it go and never bring it up again.
Just a thought for a Thursday.

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