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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
My favorite day of the year?
Thanksgiving Day.
May this coming Thursday be a wonderful day of family, food, fun, football - and don't forget our heavenly Father!  And give thanks with a grateful heart.
I am grateful for so many, many things:  My relationship with Christ.  A loving family.  A wonderful church to serve as a pastor.  My health.
We never know what we have until it is taken away.  Again, I am grateful for my health.
Thank you, Father.
As I am writing this, it is snowing outside. 
I am grateful we didn't have the snow like they did in Buffalo, New York.
Debbie and I had the opportunity to meet a new couple yesterday after the second service. 
Just a reminder:  Reach out to someone this week - invite them to church - and/or share with them about Christ!
More people come to Christ through relationship than any other way.
You could be the difference maker between someone going to heaven or hell.
Jesus saves - but uses you and I to bring people to Him.
It is all about Jesus.
I love Jesus, yes I do, I love Jesus how about you?
I have to say, my Dallas Cowboys won yesterday - setting up a great game for Thanksgiving Day versus the Philadelphia Eagles.
Just read this:  "Raymond Edman, one of Billy Graham's mentors, once said, "Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light."
God's grace will always be there, especially when you don't feel it.  Your circumstances cannot change the character of God.   That He will always love you and his with you - that he knows what you are going through - that he cares and has a plan for your life.
Good stuff.
Love you all......

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