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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Parents - you are doing well!

One of the issues that Christian parents struggle with is this:  "Am I doing well as a parent?"  "Am I providing the Christian parenting that they need?"  "What if I am not perfect as a mom, or as a dad?"
Let me give you two thoughts today as a word of encouragement:
No parent is perfect (only our Father God is).
You are doing really, really well as a mom or dad.
I have been saying this a lot recently:  More than at any other time in ministry as a pastor, I see parents who are "doing their best" as parents, with God's help.
Please know that you are, mom and dad.
So many parents are guilt ridden, fretting that they are overdoing it or not doing enough.
I encourage you to relax today, knowing that from my perspective, you are doing a wonderful job.
And know this:  When you are having a hard time with one of your children (and you are really feeling the heat), you're a candidate for a breakthrough.  Pain prompts change. 
It's like the Chinese symbol for the word crisis:  It means "danger," but it also means "opportunity."
There is a possibility hidden in every problem.
Know this:  Without problems, there can be no miracles.  When times are really tough and you're hurting, think about Jesus.  Every trouble He experienced ended in triumph.
Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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