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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Our Memorial Day Monday morning tradition?  Cleaning out the garage - sweeping and hosing down the garage floor after a winter's worth of dirt, sludge and grime is left.

Debbie and I went to the Chicago White Sox game yesterday.  It is hot. 

We had a blast.

I only had 2 plain hot dogs for lunch (I used to eat a lot more in my younger days :) ).

We got to see Governor Pat Quinn at the game. 

We watched as someone came in to the game (we were sitting near home plate - 29 rows up) with an entourage and security - and sat down.  Didn't recognize him at first - but then as he got up to leave (we found out later to do interviews) he walked up the row - came by me - I stuck out my hand and said, "hello governor."  He said, "Hello, and 'Go White Sox.'"

You never know who you are going to see at a game.  Strong handshake.

If only the Sox had some pitching - they might win the division.

Debbie and I had a nice time at Ken and Karen's Swanson's 50th wedding celebration.  Good food, great time of fellowship! 

Congratulations to Ken and Karen!

The song we sang on Sunday, "You deserve it all" (speaking of Jesus) - was beautiful.  Truly God does deserve all that we have and all that we are.

Principle:  We get into trouble when we think God hates the same people we do.

Blackhawks are down 3 games to 1 - tough to come back.

I encourage you to keep God at the top of the list of your priorities as we enter into the summer months. 

Question:  Would you be happy if Jesus was all that you had?

Worship flows from the heart of God to the heart of the worship leader to a congregation of worshippers.  An openness to the Holy Spirit is needed each step of the way.

Love you all........

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