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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Being real

I really work at it - probably because I like to see it in others - being real.

Being yourself.

Knowing who you are in Christ.

Knowing your strengths and your limitations.

I can only do so much with what God has given me - and to go beyond that (outside of a spiritual dispensation of God's grace and spirit) places me in a position of being fake and yes, even hypocritical.
If there is one thing I don't care for is hypocrisy in others - and I like it even less when I see it in my own life.
At times, we can all be so hypocritical.
I read a story today about Virginia college sophomore Danny Foley who just wanted to be part of his school's men's basketball team—even if that meant faking his way onto the court.
Danny noticed that all of his team's assistant coaches wore the same suit with a bright orange tie.
So before Virginia's conference championship game against Duke on March 16, 2014, he and his friends went searching for some cheap knockoffs.
He found everything he needed at Walmart—a suit jacket, suit pants, dress shoes, dress socks, a white dress shirt, and the orange tie.
The next morning, he bought $30 nosebleed tickets just to get in the door and headed to the game.
During a TV timeout, Danny made a move, confidently marching past an usher and onto the court.
Danny said, "'I walked right behind the cheerleaders and onto the court and joined the [team's] huddle on the court."
Following his team's big win, he went for an even bigger thrill.
When the game's final buzzer sounded with Virginia defeating Duke 72-63, Danny joined his "teammates" in the handshake line.
As the confetti fell around him, Danny got to shake hands with "Coach K," the legendary coach for Duke. Photos from the end of the game show Danny wearing a championship t-shirt over his suit and smiling in the middle of the confetti-covered arena.
After celebrating with coaches and players, Danny was caught by a member of Virginia's staff, but he quickly climbed the railings and disappeared into the stands."
I love that story!  :)
I would suggest that you can come to our church campus on a Sunday morning, dress the part, talk the part and even act the part - but are you a real Christian?
Do you pretend to be something you are not?
You can talk about STL, BGMC, TBQ, JBQ, MPACT, etc, with the best of them - but do you know God and are you - well, you?
Just a question for a Tuesday.

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