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Monday, May 05, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see several baptized in the Holy Spirit last evening.

I appreciated the emphasis by our guest speaker (Greg Hubbard) on the fact that God gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to share our faith.  To witness.  To evangelize.

We are all called to share our faith.

While some have the "gift of evangelism" - we are all called to spontaneously tell of our walk with Christ when the occasion arises.

Can you not sense the presence of the Lord in our worship?

God is using Pastor Brian and our worship team in a powerful way.

More and more, our church family is engaging in worship without having to be "prompted".

I love the hunger that I see for God's presence.

Tonight:  Greg Hubbard will be speaking on the subject of miracles - and will be praying for the sick7:00 P.M.  Child care provided.

I would encourage you to bring a friend.

Many came to Christ Sunday morning!  Isn't God good?

I always enjoy seeing "new faces" in our services. 

Debbie and I noticed a lot of small children "running around the church" after service.  Isn't that wonderful!  Our church is growing!

As Greg shared Sunday morning, "God help us all not to be like the elder brother as Christians, angry, prideful, having to have our own way."

Come on spring and summer - you can make it - we want you to come!

I encourage you to witness this week of your faith in Jesus Christ.

Thankful for a great pastoral staff.

This coming Sunday is membership Sunday!  We will be recognizing 14 new members!

I am excited!

Love you all......

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