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Thursday, May 22, 2014

It is not what you own but who owns you that counts.

Here's what I know:  It is not what you own but who owns you that counts.

And that determines your value.

Your value as a person is not determined by what you own - or your last name - or your position or title at your company.

Your value is determined by who you are in Jesus.

Repeat that after me:  "I belong to Jesus."

Years ago there was a sale of items that belonged to Elvis Presley.

One of his cars sold for $277,000.

One of his outfits sold for $113,000.

By the time the auction as over, five million dollars worth of Elvis Presley's good were sold.

By itself, was that car worth $277,000?  No.

Was one of his outfits worth $113,000?  No.

But it was who owned them that made them valuable.

Wrap all of that around the fact that with God in you, God owns you - you belong to Him.

You are precious to Him - so much so that He died on the cross for you - and for me.

I give God my life - God lives in me - God owns me - so to speak - and therefore I am valuable.

Say that after me, "I am valuable".  "I am a child of God."  "God owns me."

And walk with your head held high today - you are worth something to God - and to others.

Just a thought for a Thursday.

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