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Monday, May 12, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend

It seems like there has been a heighten sense of God's presence in our services the past couple of weeks.  I am grateful to God for his ministering presence in our lives.

I never take the presence of God for granted.

May we never be in a position where we "do church" on a Sunday morning out of habit or ritualism.

If God is not present - what makes our meetings any different from a rotary meeting?

If God is not present - what makes royal rangers any different from the boy scouts?

If God is not present - what makes Impact any different from the girl scouts?

If God is not present - what makes our youth group any different from any club on a high school campus?

Thought of the day:  The difference between a ministry and a program is whether or not the Holy Spirit is present.

I was so thrilled that we had the opportunity to welcome 13 new members to our church family yesterday.

I really appreciated Debbie's presentation yesterday.  She did a fantastic job of communicating on the subject of choices!

I also appreciated her vulnerability - after all - we are all just trying to "do the best we can" - isn't that true?

Debbie is a wonderful mother, wife and pastor's wife. 

I was also jazzed that a newer couple to our church commented on how friendly we are!

Let's all continue to reach out and not only be friendly - but make friends.

I trust you had a wonderful day with your mom yesterday - or with your children's mom - I know that I am blessed with a wonderful mother!

I like the emphasis Debbie placed on choices yesterday.  Ultimately, when we sin - it is a choice that we make. 

A special thank you to everyone who makes Sunday morning "go."  I don't have an official count of how many participate in ministry - but THANK YOU for your help, service, work and time!

Love you all.....

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