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Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Congratulations to our Royal Ranger boys (Kyle McNamara, David Beckberger, Sam Arthur, Kyler Stephan, Caleb Czaja) who obtained the Saber award! 
We are proud of you and all of your hard work!
What a wonderful visual it was to see these young men in front of our church family.  May God continue to minister to them in their walk with Christ!
I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see several raise their hands, acknowledging that they had prayed a prayer of forgiveness, asking God to live in them - and connecting to Christ!
Truly we give thanks to the Holy Spirit!
It is the Holy Spirit who "saves", we are simply channels and vessels by which He moves.
We sang the hymn, "Jesus paid it all" yesterday - truly He has paid it all - for each one of us - for our sins both of commission and omission.
Debbie and I had a great time at Peter and Ann-Marie's life group last evening.  Great food (Peter is a wonderful cook) and meaningful fellowship!
If you are not yet a part of a life group - we encourage you to join one!
FYI - Pastor Brian is now giving pastoral leadership to our life groups.  I am really jazzed about this - he comes to us with a wealth of experience he leading different ministries in the church - and has a heart for community within a local body of believers.
I enjoyed being "out in the foyer" yesterday talking with people.  God has given me a renewed sense of physical strength to be able to do so.  I no longer take that for granted - including life itself.
We have a wonderful church - filled with fantastic people!
I also enjoy meeting new people each Sunday.  "Father, we pray that you continue to send to us those who not only need you, but those whom we can establish relationships with."
God calls us to not only be friendly but to strive to make friends.
Just about the time that we are ready to give up - God moves in our lives.
It looks like another long year for the Cubs and White Sox - at least summer is coming!
We encourage each life group to schedule a "once a month" activity throughout the summer months.  It is important, I would suggest, to keep that connection in the midst of all of the summer activities and vacations.
Love you all.......

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