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Monday, April 27, 2015

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
I don't know about you - but I really enjoy (and even need) the sunshine!
Beautiful day today.
Can I share something with you?   I love our church.  I love our church family.
We are not perfect - but we are loving.  We care about you and we care about people.
I would suggest that really good things are happening in our church - why not ask someone to come and see what is going on?
I really like the story found in John 1 where Jesus is leaving for Galilee - and finds Philip and said to Philip (John 1:43), "Follow me."
Philip followed Christ - and then John writes that Philip found Nathanael and tells him about Jesus.  Nathanael questions (actually kind of mocks the town that Jesus is from - Nazareth) how Jesus is and Philip said three short but powerful words, "Come and see."
"Come and see".  And Philip brought Nathanael to Jesus.
Word of exhortation for this week:  Invite someone to "come and see" what is going on at Stone Church!
Reminder:  I encourage you to thank God every day this week (on Facebook) - for something in your life.
Overcoming fear?  Worry about nothing.  Pray about everything.  In everything give thanks.  Think faith thoughts.
Relationship, my friends.  It is all about connecting to and with one another.  I deeply appreciate those who are willing to break out of their comfort zones and reach out to those whom they don't know - on a Sunday morning.
My greatest fear is that I am going to succeed at something that doesn't matter.
Love you all......

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