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Monday, April 20, 2015

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
The highlight of my weekend?
Throwing a donut across the sanctuary and just "nailing" Kyle McNamara - and he caught it!
I guess I still "got it"!  :) :)
There was such a great spirit of community in our services yesterday.  I know that you are like me in expressing the fact that I love my church family!
Remember:  Spiritual transformation is always from the inside out - it is always an "inside job".
Walking in righteousness is always the result of what God is doing in my mind; my spirit; my soul.
My encouragement to you today is to spend at least as much time on the "inner you" as the "outer you."
I really appreciate the faithfulness of all of our volunteers - Sunday after Sunday.  From the "coffee and connection" group to the greeters, to the ushers, to the worship team, etc - we are thankful for your time and help!
Love God.  Love people. 
Come on Sunday morning.  Serve in a ministry.  Attend a life group.
Please note:  Water Baptism.  May 10, 2015.  Second service.  If you know of someone who would like to be baptized in water - please encourage them to contact the church office at:  (708)  3852770.
The White Sox have started out with a 4-7 record.  Ugh.
It is always so green in April - love it.
Could I ask you to consider doing something?  Please consider bringing someone new to one of our services this coming Sunday.  I am going to speak on the subject of:  "How to break out of the prison of fear." 
Another thought from yesterday.  Be intentional about what you feed your "inner you."   Garbage in - Garbage out.
Love you all.......

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