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Monday, March 14, 2005

yesterday's teaching

Again, we are using this as a time of experimentation. Do we want to open this up to the congregation as a tool to respond to the teaching and answer questions? I am open to that on the basis that we examine the content of the teaching - not necessarily the style.

Let's take yesterday as an example.

Any thoughts or questions or failure? How did the teaching speak to you? What was the one thing that you took away from it?

Let's all try to respond to this, again to further our ability to use blogs.



DBoyer said...

My T-group appreciated the teaching and several expressed that it helped them forgvie themselves for past failures.
Personally, it ministered to me in the area of my present insecurities in parenting. I was thankful for the opportunity to place my failures in the shredder. I was thankful to be in a line among other members of the group, allowed to be anonymous and out in the lime light, as it is so many times in my profession.
I was thankful that my own childen could walk the same line and found myself hoping that it was as significant to them as it was for me.

Firstag Music said...

To answer the first question, sure, open it up to everyone. I can put a link on the main page of the website.

The most powerful moment for me on Sunday was when nearly everyone came forward to shred their failures. While the fact that everyone has failures was mentioned in the teaching, the act of everyone coming forward brought the point to life (It also made me glad we chose to set up two shredders instead of one!).

Youth Extreme said...

What spoke most to me....As a Man I do not dwell on failure except to learn from it. My ego and pride many times rationalize why I responded or acted in a certain way. Yesterdays teaching brought into focus that failure is just that, stepping outside of Gods will and allowing self to rule. This is never a good combination and leads to failure most of the time.....My how God must sit there and look down and smile thinking why do my beloved inflict such pain on themselves? Makes me glad that I serve a second/third/forth chance God...I am blessed

Corey said...

I think that this blog would be great for the church family and others to respond to the messages. It is a great way to sharpen each other and as you discuss the message more and read other thoughts on the message the more the message will impact their lives.