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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Traveling with the viewpoint of God

It's fun to travel. I love it. It's great to visit new places, hear new sounds and meet new people. It's good to get away. But it's also good to get home, for there is no place like home!

I would suggest to you that it's only good to come home if there is someone there to ask you, "How was your trip?" Traveling is fun when we know that when we get back home, there will be people with whom we can share our experinces, both the good and the bad. We are traveling with their eyes, and their ears, so that when we return home they can share in our stories of the road.

There is an analogy to that in life. We are pilgrims in this life, travelers on the highway to heaven. We are on a trip, and it's nice to know that what awaits us is God. What awaits us is a God who can't wait to hear our stories and watch our videos and see our pictures and hear about the friends that we made.

So, in a sense we are traveling with God's eyes, God's ears, so that when we arrive in heaven, you and I will be happy to return home, and there is "no place like home."


Dale Boyer said...

Speaking of travel, here's a song that my daughter is doing in Fine Arts. It's a song by Point of Grace.

This is Your Land
Now I saw in my dream that these pilgrims went in at the gate, and as they entered they were transparent. And they had raiment put on that shined like gold. Then I heard in my dream that all the bells in the city rang again for joy, and that it was said within:
“Enter ye into the joy of our Lord!”

Didn’t anyone ever tell you
Didn’t anyone ever say
Did you capture a vision of glory
As she held out her hand today?
It’s reaching to the broken heart
Right down to where you stand
Didn’t anyone ever tell you
This is your land?

Didn’t anyone ever tell you
It doesn’t matter the last will be first
For the sad and the meek and the righteous
And all those who will hunger and thirst ?
So let the poor in spirit know
Their dreams are not of sand
Didn’t anyone ever tell you
This is your land

You’ll be given the robes of princes
You’ll be flying on golden wings
You will live in pavilions of splendor
Be surrounded by beautiful things

So hold on to these promises
Keep them in your hand
Didn’t anyone ever tell you
This is your land

Firstag Music said...

I have a song too!

"This land is your land, this land is my land, from California..."

Or how about something more spiritual: "Oh I feel traveling on, yes I feel like traveling on. My heavenly home is ..."

I personally am more of a home body. I don't like traveling because I'm too fidgety and I can't sleep sitting up. This should work well for me in light of eternity because once I get heaven I won't want to leave, I won't get bored, and I won't have to sleep.

Corey said...

Well, unfortunately I don't have any musical talent, so I can't sing you a song here. But I have gone on vacation before. It's funny you look forward to leaving to go on your trip for days, even months before you go, but then when your on that trip, you wonder what is taking place back home. Are we ever satisfied with where we are?

Youth Extreme said...

Gee....I am not musically inclined but I am travelling inclined.. I agree it is always good to come home. God has blessed me with many opportunities to travel and see places in the world I would not have choose to go to. Like George stated I try to look at things through Gods eye and be thankful for what God has created. My wife kids me that I am getting older because I get up at 5 AM with out the aid of an alarm clock. But I love to get up before the world starts moving. THere is nothing like a sun rise, or sitting on a dock looking out across a still lake or Ocean. Seeing a city come to life or smelling and hearing the sounds of distance lands. As I take this in I am always reminded that God created all this for my pleasure. All he asks from me is to recognize his wonderfulness and offer my praise and worship. It is good to come home and share with my friends, but it is even better when you can share with someone who has been there and done it also. A good example, I have climb up and sat a top one of the great Pyramids in Geza. The view and enormity is hard to explain to someone. Only someone who has been there can relate to that experience. God has truly blessed me with these opportunities and I am forever greatful for them.