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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Knowing yourself

what does it mean to "know yourself"? So many times when we seek to "know ourselves" we do that through analyzing ourselves by various means and methods. We think that we are machines that can be taken apart and put back together at will.

There is tremendous value in exploring in detail our past experinces, what brought us to where we are today. But here's the deal: we will never completely understand ourselves and be able to explain ourselves fully to others.

How can I fully "know myself"? By realizing who I am in Jesus. Through solitude, silence and prayer. Through getting in touch with my spiritual center in God. That is not something that can be analyzed but only known through my daily communication with God.


DBoyer said...

About the time I think I have myself figured out, I surprise myself with stuff I didn't think was there. I find it more and more necessary to have God and less of me. As I go along, I find myself yearning for the day when I will know God as He has always known me. I think one writer put it this way, "Know as I am known."

Youth Extreme said...

Why do we get so caught up in trying to figure out who we are? We are who God created us to be, loveing, caring, emotional beings who have the capcity to think and reason. We are defined by others by how we reacted to the last question or crisis we went through. We are defined by the masses by our last words spoken to them. We are defined by God by our worship and relatioship with him. The only one that matters is God. I surprise people by my seriousness and focus at times. I also impact people with my ease and humor. But neither of these is who I am. I am Rick, I am a person who has experienced the emotion of someone dying in my arms and being born before my eyes. I have come close to death and survived and experienced extreme joy and laughter. These emotions and experiances add to who I am but do not define who I am. I am an individual who was created in God image to worship him. I am satisfied with that and secure.