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Monday, March 21, 2005

being friends with ourselves

Are you a friend with yourself? Do you love who you are?

These are important questions because it is very, very difficult to delvope good friendships with others unless we are friends with ourselves.

How do make friends with ourselves? We have to start with a true understanding ofwho we are. That we each are talented but yet limited, generous but also worried about the things of life. In other words we are complex. And many times we don't even know why we do certain things, much less have other people tell us why we respond the way we do.

Only God can reveal our true nature. Only God can help us truly become friends with ourselves and reach out to others in loving relationships.


DBoyer said...

One of the greatest influences on my self-acceptance was when I began to realize that God breathed His breath into me when he made me. All of His other creation was spoken into existance, but He took the time to form me with His own hands and then breathe "the breath of life" into me and I became "a living soul." Not a dead soul, but a living soul. That means I have this innate desire to breathe the breath of God. That seperates me from all of the rest of God's creation. I have an inner yearning for the divine. And the scriptures tell me that I have been made after God's own image. My own human struggle to live up to my divine potential gives me compassion and love for my fellow human beings who are on the same journey I am. As you have titled your blog, we all need "Bread for the Journey."

DBoyer said...
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Youth Extreme said...

I started to accept myself in 2nd grade, it was a cross road when I made the decision that I was responsible for my attitude and happiness. Others could neither make me happy or sad. It was later in life when I came to understand peace and contentment that God provides. Being a friend means you share common experiances and likes. But you also except the differences and learn from them. Being a good friend means you don't except or even like everything about each other but still love each other. A friend will challenge you, question you, and tell you you are wrong even when you are right. To accept yourself you have to be willing to do the same thing to yourself, challenge, question, and deny. Only by doing so will you begin to accept and understand your own behavior and who you are.