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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Love God love people

our goal is to love God and love people. What is your mind does that mean? Is everythign we are doing serving to loving God and loving people. I sense that there are some things that we can trim. Are we truly being the body of Christ?

I pose the questions for everyone to answer in order for me to get a feel of working this blog. Would appreciate the responses so that I can get used to this in order to open it up to the congregation later on. What about using it as a tool for responses to the teaching on Sunday morning?


DBoyer said...

Love God. Love People. Perhaps we love God on our back porch and we love people on our front porch. Perhaps we have been doing alot of things on our back porch with only our circle of friends. It's time to get a bigger front porch and invite the world. (We could start with our neighborhoods).

The idea of the blog as a response to the Sunday sermon is appealing to me. Will open up dialogue on a deeper level.

Youth Extreme said...

Love God, Love people....To me it means reflecting God through all I do. Example I was sitting at the Sec. of State office, holding 28 while the counter was serving 1...A guy sitting across from me acts like he has known me for years, I soon find out his daughter plays B-Ball in Upward. He thanked us for the great program and impact we had on his daughter. He made the comment that I brought an extra level to the program. It got me thinking about how this reflects on Love God and Love people. It comes from within. If you love God then you have a natural love for people and in helping them to become better....Now here is the lesson, he held Number 18 and as they called his number he handed me 19 as he took two numbers when he walked in....I received GOds blessing by doing something I loved...WHen I left I passed along my number (28)to someone who was holding 42 and looking stressed along with the words let God bless you today....That is what its all about...Love God, Love people...

I think if we post the blog site and mention that they can post comments or questions....

Words are deadly said...

Love God. Love People. Hmmm Haven't I heard that one somewhere before? Haha, oh ya FIRST ASSEMBELY! HaHa.
If you TRULY love God than he can give you the strength to love ALL people, even your enemies. Example: There was a girl back in middle school who had always teased me and used to threaten me sometimes. Then she moved away in seventh grade. Now We both are in the 10th grade and she has moved back to pennfield. God sat her right next to me in one of my classes, to teach me to rely on him and just don't let her get to me. All I said to her one day was a simple hello... with a loving smile. And she seemed to perk up a little as if in a little bit of a better mood. God is GREAT! And if you truly rely on him and NOT on yourself he will teach you how to turn an enemys meanness towards you and others into something good.

About the sunday thing with the message. I think that would be GREAT. Then if someone had questions or maybe wanted to hear a little more scripture or something on the topic then they could just come here.