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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

God's sovereignty

The media has really attached themselves to the story about Ashley Smith talking down Brian Nichols by reading the Purpose Driven Life to him. He allows her to leave, she calls the police, and he is taken into custody. There are some who are saying that all this unfolded according to God's plan. Is that correct or not?

John MacArthur said, "It's an incredibly wonderful story of how God used a borken lady to stop a guy who could have killed again and again." But he cautioned against interpreting the incicent as an "unfolding God's plan," because no one really knew enough about the two people, what really happened between them and whether they truly committed themselves to God. What do you think?


DBoyer said...

When I bought my coffee this morning at Meijers, the cost was $1.53 cents. Just 10 minutes before, I had raided the coin tray at the house and picked up some other lose change left on the kitchen counter. When I produced the change from myp ocket at Meijers, there was exactly $1.53 !
Without thinking I said to the cashier, "This is God!" Of course, we both laughed. But, then I said, "What is it when I come in here with the wrong change?"

God has placed each of us on this earth to do His work. He is not distant from us and has not left us alone. There are those wonderful moments when we feel that God is personally involved in the events of our lives. But, it is good to know that He is still there, even in the mundane things that happen without His obvious involvement. I'd like to think that He is proud of me when I am faithful doing His will, even when His presence is not so apparent. The lady in Atlanta was faithful in what God had called her to do. We all marvel at her courage and exclaim, "This is God!"

Corey said...

I think too often we walk around and when something good happens to us we just assume that it is God's will or God's plan, when in reality it was just us going about our everyday business. Yes we may just have had that exact change, but what would you have said if you were a couple cents short and looked on the counter and found those pennies in that jar on the counter?

Firstag Music said...

I read a book once called "Dying for Change." What if you had been a few cents short and there was no provision, supernatural or otherwise, for you to get that coffee? Would that have been God's plan unfolding to keep you from putting more caffeine in your body? Or would you simply have been dying for some change to buy something that really wasn't very important?

Obviously I am being silly with the use of the book title, but I think God sometimes uses the small things to remind us He's with us daily. Other times, he puts us in difficult or profound situations to use us as part of His plan. Still other times we become part of the just and injust upon which the rain falls.

Was the encounter between Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols a divine appointment? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know.

Youth Extreme said...

I am reluctant to say it was Gods plan, because then we would also have to include the killings in that plan....I like to think if we allow God to act through us many things can happen. We can prevent someone from killing others, we can have the exact change in our pockets, we can suffer from the flu and be able to relate to an unsaved neighbor or friend when delivering food or assistantance to them. It is being open to God and acting when he nudges us. To many time we give God credit when good happens and blame Satan when bad things happen. But God does allow the bad to happen to make us stronger and more reliant on him. Satan can allow good things to happen to get our focus off God...Think about finding the winning lottery ticket on the ground...You now have several million dollars dumped into your lap...WOuld you continue to be a full time pastor or would you find reasons to retire and relax a little. If God nudged you to give it all away could you? Or would you provide you and your family some wants???? I say all this as the church at times likes to say it was Gods plans instead of giing credit to the person who allowed themselves to be used by God...Remember, God created the heavens and the Earth and evertything that happens is planned by or allowed by God....So every second of every day is part of Gods Big plan....