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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The stillness of being in God's presence

God says in Psalms 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." We are all busy. We all need these words. To fulfill that we immediately think of "getting away". Getting alone. Driving to a secluded spot with a Bible and a pad of paper and pencil. Just God and me.

Yet for most of us that "ain't going to happen." Yet we can keep an inner stillness even while we are going about our day. Through the business, work and pressure of the day.

It's important to keep a still place wherever we are in the marketplace. While I am sitting at my desk, I take five minutes to pause, to reflect, to remember a scripture that I read that morning, to get an instant recharge from the presence of God.

Without that life can turn us around and everything starts spinning. We become drive by going everywhere but at the same time ending up nowhere.

But it's in the stillness of God that he guides and directs us on a daily basis.


Youth Extreme said...

Stillness...I can be perfectly still on a roller coaster yet be spinning and flipping totally out of control. Our lives are like that at times. Take Monday, I am traveling home from work, my mind is thinking about the paino lessons I need to get Jacob to, the days events, deadlines that are looming, and the dinner I am thinking of making. It is at that moment that God chooses to speak. Stillness ensues and focus on what he is revealing is clear. He dropped a tremendous thought and possibility to impact youth across the country in my lap. Sometimes we want to choose the moment when stillness and closeness to God will happen, other times it is God who chooses to see if we will be obediant. To many times we ask God to reveal his will and thoughts to us, then get busy and ignore God when he chooses to reveal himself to us.
Monday I choose to stop, listen, and now I am acting to confirm what God laid on my heart and thoughts. So you ask what is it that God spoke to me about? Ah...That is for me and I will share more as time and results reveal the greatness of God.

DBoyer said...

Is this the "rest" that the Hebrew writer wrote about in his chapter 4 ?