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Monday, December 15, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Sometimes it is easy to run out of superlatives when you watch and connect with a Christmas production like we saw yesterday.

Didn't God move in a powerful way?

Several raised their hands for salvation!  663 people attended.

I especially enjoyed the "Stomp" - the boys pounding on the buckets in conjunction with the Christmas tune, 'Lil Drummer Boy."

From the beginning to the end, Jesus was lifted up and glorified!

I encourage you to keep the moment of exalting Christ in your own individual family times - united around our Savior and Lord.

I can't begin to list all of the names of those who participated - but let me say a huge, huge, "Thank you," to everyone who gave of their time and help.

You are appreciated!

Wasn't the "kids choir," just wonderful?

Much gratitude to Pastor Brian (whose vision it was to produce, "The Christmas Collision") and the rest of his team!

I met so many new people yesterday, I stopped counting.  Good stuff!

I applaud you for inviting friends and family - and trust that they will "keep checking us out."

Your children (and teenagers) are a priority for us at Stone Church.  We are a church that honors and respects the family!

Upward Basketball will begin in a couple of weeks.  Please pray for this incredible outreach ministry to the community!

Parents with children:  We will be starting a second Kid's Hub service (during first service as well as second service) on January 4th.

Please put on your scheduling radar:  Season of renewal.  January 4-7 (Sunday A.M. and P.M.)  Bishop Murisa from Tanzania.  Child care provided at each service.

Okay, I have to say it:  The Dallas Cowboys beat Philadelphia last evening - but must win the last two games to make the playoffs.

God is good, my friends.  Through the highs and lows of life - he is always there, always caring for us, always providing for us.

We have much to be grateful for.

Love you all......

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