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Monday, December 01, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Wasn't it wonderful to hear the testimonies yesterday (first service) from the people from City Church in Chicago?
God is on the move!
It is our privilege to minister at their church once a month:  feeding the homeless.  Ministering of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Thanks for giving to their ministry on a continual basis!
It is encouraging when the suburbs and the inner city unite in one common cause:  Jesus Christ.
I enjoyed spending "foyer time" yesterday - sharing and hearing of Thanksgiving experiences with our church family.
Debbie and I drove to Springfield, Missouri this past Wednesday for Thanksgiving with our family.  We came back Friday - so it was a quick trip. 
We had a great time!
Of course, the Dallas Cowboys losing (and losing bad) wasn't a lot of fun - but, hey, they play the Chicago Bears this coming Thursday!
You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family - which is why the love for family runs deep - you are family forever.
I am thankful for a wonderful dad and mom - and children and grandchildren. 
Debbie feels the same way.
There are a lot of exciting events at our church this month - as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Reminder:  Invite friends, families (and enemies) to our Christmas celebration on Sunday morning, December 14 (both morning services).  An appeal for salvation will be given.
Reminder:  I will be speaking on miracles this coming Sunday morning (in the context of the birth of Jesus).  Would encourage you to bring someone who needs a miracle in their life as we will be praying for people.
As a staff, we have settled on a theme for 2015.  More to come.
Thanks for being, you, Stone Church.  You are loved and appreciated!

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