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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Value systems and growing up in the church

Why is it that two youngsters can be raised in the same home, basically in the same way, and one serves God and the other chooses another path?

It's hard to figure. Not a lot of easy answers.

I'm not sure I have a real handle on it.

Perhaps it's personality. Maybe it's life events that come their way. Most certainly it is the individual choice of the child (teenager) (young adult) themselves.

You take for instance, Brad Pitt. I have really like a couple of his movies (Legends of the Fall, A River Runs through it). He is a superstar in the midst of movie stars. Known around the world. Married to Angelina Jolie, making them the most famous of all couples at this time on this planet.

Yet he is not serving God.

His brother is.
His family is.

In fact, it is my understanding that they attend James River Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri.

Strong Christians. Givers to missions.

Yet, recently, Brad Pitt came out and said that he couldn't run for mayor of New Orleans because his platform would be: No religion, legalization of gay-marriage and marijuana.

I heard an interview with him last night and he is strongly opposed to "religion" under the guise that Christians that he meets are trying to tell others what to do as far as their sexual preferences and lifestyle.

Yet, I believe he misses the point. The issue is not me telling you how to live, but me living and abiding by a value system and absolute that is based on the Word of God.

Would it not seem logical that having no value system or absolute basis on which to base your life would be a value system an absolute as much as any other.

"What is your value system" "I don't have one." "
"On what do you base your life." "On me and what I choose to believe in"

I don't know if would feel comfortable with a value system that is based on me and what I think is right or wrong. I'm too imperfect to do that.

Back to the original thought. Why one serving God and the other choosing not to?

What do you think?

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