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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teamwork in ministry

This is one of my favorite times of the year in church life. Summer is beginning to wind down, everyone is settling in after 3 months of vacations and time off.

Expectations are high as to the possibilities of what the fall will bring concerning our church. I know I am excited!

And what excites me even further is the team of ministry workers that God is putting together.

For example, David Dewes is now in place as our life group ministry leader. Mike Muchowicz has come on board as the assistant life group ministry leader. We are going from 10 groups to over 17 groups this fall.

Back in 1992, professionals were allowed to play basketball in the Olympics for the first time. It was a great team. Arguably the greatest team ever put together at one time to play sports.

God wants each church in His kingdom to have "dream teams" of ministry workers and leaders to do His work.

I know that you do to.

For those who minister in our church - grateful thanks for all that you do.

You are important to our mission of people coming on Sunday mornings, participating in a life group and serving in a ministry.

That's our common goal.

But even with a common goal - other characteristics of being a "dream team" member are cooperation and communication.

Common goals

What are the principles of being a good "dream team" member?

1. Look at the big picture as well as the whole. Sometimes as ministry workers and leaders, we can be so focused on our own ministry that we lose sight of the fact that our church is made up of many ministries, all of them important. Your ministry is important, but remember that there are other ministries in our church as well. We must all be concerned and helpful and considerate of every ministry in the church.

2. Understand what is important. What's is important is that the team wins - the "win" being people coming to Christ and growing in Him. If your ministry succeeds, great, so much the better. But what's even more important is if our whole church team wins. That is considered a "success" in the eyes of God.

Here's a principle that I want you to catch - the team member who doesn't understand the big picture as well as the whole, and doesn't understand what is important, not only fails to contribute to the team, but actually PREVENTS THE TEAM FROM ACHIEVING SUCCESS.

We become fragmented slices of the pie that offer nothing of substance to the world.

Again, what is important?

Coming on Sunday morning
Participating in a life group
Serving in a ministry.

More to come tomorrow.

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