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Monday, August 17, 2009

thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend....

As I mentioned yesterday morning in our Sunday Morning Worship Service, I was at the Chicago Cub game on Friday. They broke a five game losing skid by winning 17-2. In some respects (unless you are a die hard cub fan) it was a boring game. At one point, the Cubs scored 10 runs in the second inning alone.

The Blue Angels were flying overhead, beautiful day, full ballpark, Wrigley Field. Nothing better. I do love Wrigley Field.

NOTICE TO ALL CUB FANS: If you need your team to break a five game losing skid, send me to Wrigley and I will (because of my servant's heart) go and help your team out. Don't you think they won because I was there?

I also came "out" as a White Sox fan, for the following reasons.

White Sox fans tend to take baseball seriously.
Debbie and I live on the South Side.
I like the uniforms and white verses blue and whatever.
I am an American League guy.

Saturday, some great friends from Battle Creek came over. We had a wonderful time catching up - and went out to our church's new property and showed them how the earth movers have been moving the dirt.

If you get a chance, drive by there and see what is happening. It is so EXCITING!

Sunday morning's worship experience - well what adjectives can I bring up? Powerful, anointed, spiritually uplifting. What a wonderful thing it is to see God's people in worship to the living God.

And...yesterday afternoon we have our third barbecue of the summer. Larry and Melissa Watson made hamburgers and hot dogs, Ruben and his wife brought some smoked brisket which they cooked for 25 hours. Incredible food.

We had a great time of fellowship. It is so cool to see what God is doing. Bringing in young couples who are on fire for Jesus Christ.

Great weekend!

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