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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Summarizing your life in six words

If you were asked to summarize your life in six words, what would they be?
I was reading today of an online magazine that asked that question several years ago.
It was inspired by a legendary challenge posed to Ernest Hemingway to write a six-word story that resulted in the classic, "For sale:  baby shoes, never worn."
The magazine was flooded with so many responses that the site almost crashed, and the responses were eventually turned into a book.
Here are some of the more funny to ironic to inspiring responses:
One tooth, one cavity; life's cruel
Savior complex makes for many disappointments
Cursed with cancer - Blessed with friends  (That one was written by a 9 year old boy with cancer)
The psychic said I'd be richer
One long train to darkness  (That one is 5 words not 6)
Not a good Christian, but trying
Thought I would have more impact
I encourage you today to respond to this blog:  Either by Facebook or the blog itself.
How would you summarize your life in six words?
The challenge of the six word limitation is in its demand to focus on what matters most, to capture briefly something of significance.
How would you summarize your life, or just last year, or maybe this upcoming year in six words?
Here is mine:  He did the best he could.
Just a thought for a Wednesday.

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