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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Facebooking your problems

If there is one thing Debbie and I practice - it is vulnerability. 
Neither one of us are in tune with "fake" - we do our best to be as authentic as possible. 
And here what I know:  As Rick Warren says, "Revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing."
Sharing our needs, trials and problems with one another is so vital in the kingdom of God.
I can't deal with any issue in my life unless I admit that it is there - and then be willing to share it with other believers.  Whatever I can't talk about - I am in bondage to.
However, let's talk about the mechanism for doing so.
Let me explain.
When Debbie and I were on vacation, we came across an eclectic store that included in their items, T-shirts that had sometimes profound thoughts on them.
One of the T-shirts said this:  Face your problems, don't Facebook them.
It's not that I have an issue with anyone "Facebooking" (Isn't it interesting how that has now become a verb?) their issues, it is just that I hope that - that venue is the third or fourth choice for doing so.
I would suggest that the following pattern be considered with our trials:
I talk with God.
I speak with my support circle (as with a life group).
I put it on Facebook (for the whole world to see).
I call this "limited vulnerability" where I incrementally share my needs within the confines of the concentric relational circles of my life.
Some things I only share with God.  Something should only be shared with God and those I trust around me.  And then - some things can be made public - asking for many to pray.
To put it bluntly - Facebook is not God.  My default in the midst of difficulties is to come to God - His Word - and lay it on the altar - and then share it with the public across the world.
One disclaimer:  Can you put your trial on Facebook and ask everyone to pray?  Absolutely.  I like that.  But I guess  my point is - let's not put something on Facebook to avoid or deny a problem, or to substitute is for spending time in conversations with our Creator.
Just a thought for a Tuesday.

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