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Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:

Concerning yesterday at Stone Church:  As Matthew McConaughey would said, "alright, alright, alright"!
That's the way would describe our worship yesterday.  Powerful stuff!
Isn't it great to spend time in the presence of God?
Each week, we are growing in our "attention span" in the presence of God.
I love it.
I had the privilege of dialoguing with two new families yesterday.
Again, many thanks this month for the show of appreciation to our pastors.
Your monies, gift cards and thank you notes were very, very appreciated!
Thanks for being such a loving congregation.
I had another wonderful men's meeting last Saturday.
God is raising up godly men - who are (or will soon be) the leaders of our church.
Praise God!
I am excited!
Many thanks to all of our volunteers who participated in "Trunk or Treat" last evening.
We are grateful for you participation!
We are beginning to turn the corner into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Let me say immediately, let's make Jesus the centerpiece of the next two months.
It is all about Jesus.
I love Jesus - how about you?
Things I didn't get to yesterday in my teaching:
We choose our attitude.  Attitude is a choice.
Tim Hansel has written:  At any moment in life we have the option to choose an attitude of gratitude, a posture of grace, a commitment to joy.
There are things in our lives that we are not satisfied with - in our marriage, business, habits in ourselves, our spouse, our children, our boss. 
But I believe that there are also some things in those situations and people that we can learn to be thankful for.
When we complain, we are saying three things to God:  I don't trust your wisdom.  "Do you really know what you are doing God?  I doubt God's care.  "Do you really love me God?"  I forget God's goodness.  I begin to focus on what I don't have instead of being grateful for what I do have.
Replace your criticism and complaints at home, work or at the church with compliments.
We reap what we sow.
There is no more powerful witness than a positive Christian.
Beautiful weather today - winter is coming (but I am not complaining - per the message that was given yesterday.  :) :)
Remember:  Is today going to be a "grumble free day" for you?
Anybody can be a whiner - not anybody can be a winner.
Are you ready to soar with the eagles or wallow in the mud with the hippos?
Time change this coming Saturday/Sunday.  Fall back.
If you are not in a life group - please check them out.  We have some of the best life groups in the Kingdom of God.
Love  you all........

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