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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have it your way

"Have it your way", if I remember right, used to be a slogan that McDonalds used.
And now - restaurant chains are taking it to new levels.  There is an increasing amount of "tell-them-what -you-want" food chains.
Similar to Chipotle (the burrito joint where you can build your own custom Mexican inspired meal), new franchises bring the ultimate in custom food to Korean, 5 minute cook time pizza, tacos, Indian and Mediterranean restaurant (according to a recent Washing Post article).
That's great for you and I.  I am FOR that.  I really like to choose what I want to be in my burrito or on my pizza).
Here's the question:  should we let that kind of cultural shift into the church?
Should church be done, "your way?"  Or perhaps a more challenging question would be, "do you have to have "church" done "your way?" - or you will take the proverbial highway?
In a culture where nearly everything now is convenient and exactly how YOU want it, what happens to the spiritual climate of the church (specifically concerning our growth in Christ), when we think that everything must be done our way?
I would suggest that following Christ is not a matter of seeking for convenience - but of following Him.  Of being willing to be transformed.  Of placing ourselves in a position of sacrifice and commitment - no matter is things are going my way or not.
Just a thought for a Thursday.

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