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Monday, June 09, 2014

Thoughts from the weekend

Thoughts from the weekend:
Our summer youth mission's trip (to South Dakota) took off today.  Let's all continue to be in prayer for them and with them.
We are pleased that so many students and adults are going!
May God bless them and anoint them for ministry is our prayer - and take them and bring them back safely!
Pastor Charlie and Heather have done a great job of preparing everything for the trip. 
They will be back on Sunday morning (between services) and will be giving some stories of their trip!
Beautiful summer days.  Enjoy the weather.
I had the privilege of meeting several guests to our church yesterday.
What's really cool is that many of our visitors are deciding to not only continue to check us out but to call Stone Church their church home!
And what's even "cooler" is that I watch - as our church family are immediately interacting with first time and second time and third time guests!
Why not consider inviting someone to one of our Sunday morning services this Sunday?  This coming Sunday is Father's Day.
Why not invite your dad to come to church and worship with you (especially if he is a non-churched person)?
Just a thought.
I really like the direction our worship is headed.  Alive.  Vibrant.  Pentecostal.  Energetic.
Thanks to Pastor Brian and our worship team!
The song "You deserve it all" (we sang it yesterday) has stayed with me - both the melody and the words.
Amy Beckberger did a wonderful joy in singing it.  She has a beautiful voice.
Thanks to Josh and Lynda Jamroz and David Beckberger for sharing yesterday about budgeting, tithing and getting out of debt.  It "fit" into the sermon perfectly!
We will have 10 free copies available this coming Sunday morning (in the information booth) of my sermon yesterday, "how to get out of debt" or "how to be free from the bondage of financial debt". 
Please feel free to take a copy and listen to the teaching again or with your spouse.
There was a lot I didn't get to (because of time) but will at a later date.
What were the words to help us get out of debt?  Accounting, Budgeting, Storing, Enjoying, Tithing and Praying.
God's will for your life is to be debt free.
As a pastoral staff, we are already planning the fall activities and ministries - It is great to feel the excitement level for September - in June!
We encourage you to give on-line when you are on vacation - that really helps us as we begin to plan for the fall.  Thanks!
Well, I want you to know that I love you all!

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