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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

parenting and time

I've said a couple of times lately that I really admire the parents in our church and the role they are playing in their children's development.
Dad's especially are doing a much better part (than in my generation) of actively parenting their children.  Mom's, wow, what a wonderful job you are doing!
One thought for today:  How do you spell love for your children?
A number of years ago, Dr. Robert Schuller was on a whirlwind book promotion tour, visiting eight cities in four days.  It was an exhausting schedule in addition to the normal duties  Dr. Schuller had on his shoulders as pastor of a large church. 
As he was going over his schedule with his secretary for his return home, she reminded him that he was scheduled to have lunch with the winner of a charity raffle.  Schuller was suddenly sobered when he found out the winner of the raffle, for he happened to know that the $500.00 the person bid to have lunch with him represented that person's entire life savings.
How did he know that?
The person was his own teenage daughter.
Trips to the zoo, Six Flags, ball games, museums and all that are great  - but more than an activity - what our children need is time spent with us doing something creative.
Reading a book together - building up their minds.
Memorizing a scripture together - building up their spirits.
Doing something creative together - building up their ability to tap into creativity.
Building something at the house together - building up their skills.
Worshipping at home together - building up their relationship with God.
Planting a garden together - building up an appreciation for God's creation.
Participating in something like "Feed My Starving Children." - building up their sense of seeing the needs of others and caring.
Taking them to a garbage dump and showing them that this is where all "stuff" eventually ends up - building up their sense of values.
Well, you get the idea.
Any activity that includes some kind of interaction with your child that will build them up spiritually and emotionally (and get them away from technology :) ).
Anyway, just a thought for a Wednesday from a dad (grandpa) who cares.

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