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Thursday, March 11, 2010

embracing the mystery of God

Have you ever met someone that just goes "nuts" if they can't have everything figured out? I have.

Here's what I know - there are some things in life we will never "figure out."

I am convinced that when it comes to the nature and things of God, some things are meant to rest as a mystery.

As I've grown in my faith, I have become at peace with that.

Some would say that - that principle is naive. To be at rest with those things I can't completely understand in the faith. The trinity. The virgin birth. Predestination. On and on it goes.

A lot of energy is given to working toward putting those kinds of concepts into neat little packages so that we call can refer to "the answer."

I'm not disputed the search itself, I'm saying that maybe the reason for such a search is not to get an answer, but to get to know God Himself.

There are many things that I don't understand about Debbie. But I love her with all of my heart. After almost 30 years of marriage, my goal is not to try to "figure her out," but to love her with all of my heart.

Rob Bell has written:

"As one of my friends often says: "If you study the Bible and it doesn't lead you to wonder and awe, then you haven't studied the Bible."

The very nature of orthodox Christian faith is that we never come to the end. It begs for more. More discussion, more inquiry, more debate, more questions.

It's not so much that the Christian faith has a lot of paradoxes. It's that it is a lot of paradoxes. And we cannot resolve a paradox. We have to let it be what it is.

Being a Christian then is more about celebrating mystery than conquering it.

The Easter church father Gregory of Nyssa talked about Moses' journey up Mount Sinai in Exodus 19. When Moses enters the darkness toward the top of the mountain, he has moved beyond knowledge and the law and to love and to the mystery of God. Gregory insists that Moses has not arrived when he enters the darkness of the mountaintop. His journey and exploration have only really begun."

Can I give you a suggestion? Why not embrace the mystery of God today. And let God love you back.

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