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Thursday, March 06, 2008

What are we "out for"?

Michael Yaconelli writes, "Let's--all of us--decide to stop trying to convince the world that Christianity is true because Jesus makes us prettier, happier, thinner, wealthier, bigger, more successful, more popular, healthier, stronger, and more influential than everyone else. Do we actually believe that the world is impressed with our fancy new churches, 12,000 in Sunday School, five services each morning, the "millions" who are watching on television, converted beauty queens and professional athletes, our book sales, or our crusades? The world is laughing at us--mocking us and the Jesus we supposedly are serving."

Strong, strong words.

What are we "out for" as followers of Christ at our church?

To be the "best known" church in the city? To have "big numbers"? "To build bigger buildings."

That all may come, but I would suggest that the thing we are "out for" as Christians is simply to live the Christian faith on a daily basis.

To be Christ. To act like Christ. To communicate with Christ. To love Christ. To become so like Christ that the world will stop laughing and start opening up their hearts and minds to what we have - Christ.

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Mike Stenglein said...

To me, actions have always spoken louder than words.
Do what I say, not what I do is such a cop-out.
In my mind (jumbled mess that it is), if we Christians focused more on being Christians rather than proclaiming that we are Christians I think our intentions towards the world would become more clear.

Leaders lead. Leaders lead. Leaders lead.

I truly feel that people will always follow an example before they will follow directions.

"To be the "best known" church in the city?" Sure. But for what?

"To have "big numbers"?" Sure. But of what kind?

Recognition comes as a result of deeds and actions. Or notoriaty. Depends on the deed right?

You don't get a medal AND THEN save a life.