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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who is God? Questions

Who is God?

Who is God to you?

Sometimes we are guilty of worshipping a God of our own making.

Does God exist?

Maybe you wonder if God even exists.

Did He make our planet?

The universe?

If he did, does he still care about what is going on?

Let's suppose that you do believe in God.

Do you want to get to know him better?

His nature, his personality?

For some people God is a mystery - someone to find on a sheet of paper like "Waldo."

Do you have a "Waldo God"?

For others God is a killjoy. He'e there to prevent us from having a good time.

If we get close to God, we're afraid we will have to give up all our freedom.

Let me say something that we all can agree on: There are things about God we will never figure out. And when you really think about it - it makes sense!

However, there are things about God which we can know. His ablity to create an incredible universe.

Our own earthly bodies. Wonderful creations!

I would suggest to you that God is a very real spirit Being who has always been and will always be. He is personal. He is involved in our world. He desires to have a conversation with us.

All we have to do is stop, look and listen. Why not?

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Jon said...

Things I know about God:

1. He Loves ME!!

2. He created everything--everything!

3. He reveals His Word for me as I am able to accept it. Sometimes, when I re-read a passage from the Bible, God opens up a whole new, deeper, meaning for me...that's cool!

4. He reveals His will for me if I am quiet and dutiful.

5. He is present in all things, in all ways, in all situations.

6. His ways are not my ways and sometimes I don't understand them. But I just have to trust Him and believe that He works for my good.

7. He carries me when I am weak, comforts me when I am weary, helps to control me when I am spinning out of control.

8. He only wants the best for me...though sometimes there are rough times to get through to see the best He has planned.

9. The promises He has written in His Word far outweigh the obligations...His sacrifice for us far outweighs any we might suffer today.

10. HE LOVES ME! I know I said it already but it blows me away. If anyone knows how unlovable I can be, it's me...and He loves me anyway.

God is good...all the time!