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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't let your dreams die

Don't let your dreams die.

All of us have dreams. Goals. A vision of the future.

Sometimes there is a real temptation to let our dreams die.

Sometimes things get do disoriented that we are tempted to let go of the direction that we have in our lives.

When that happens, what can we do?

Go back to the basics.


Spend time in God's presence.

Be with supportive friends.

Think positive thoughts.

Understand that there is a season for everything.

Realize that in all things, God is bringing something good out of it.

Problems and trials do not mean that the dream is not correct.

Problems and people can detour us from our dreams.

We must pick our spots. George Patton said, "Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning." I like that.

Don't let your dreams die! Persevere! Be bold! Don't quit!

Don't let your dreams die!


Words are deadly said...

Don't let your dreams die! Persevere! Be bold! Don't quit!

I like that line. Persevere- hmmm... If only it was an easy thing to do, i wish that it was.
In the midst of trials it can be very hard to look ahead- to see the good in it all.

But the words- Don't Quit- thats what is usefull!


Jon said...

With God, all things are possible! Keeping your eyes on Him will allow you to survive the darkest of many prisons did Paul survive by maintaining his focus? How many tragedies, shipwrecks, beatings? God will get us through...though it may be painful at times.

PMA...three little letters that you can hold on to when you start to get down. They stand for Positive Mental Attitude...they come from another three letters--GOD! Our hope rests in the Lord and we can stand firm on the Rock!

Our God is an Awesome God!!