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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The invasion of spam

Recently I watched the movie, "war of the worlds," with Tom Cruise. It's a story about an invasion from outer space upon our planet. Okay movie - exciting and dull at the same time.

Yesterday, this blog experienced an invasion of another kind. Spam. Unwanted advertisements.

I didn't know such a thing could happen.

Everyday of our lives we are bombarded with commercials, billboards and ads in our newspapers. Buy, buy, buy. Obtain, obtain, obtain.

We have become a culture so immersed in self, for so long a time, that we don't even pay attention to the fact anymore that everything in our society is about "me, myself and I."

McDonalds years ago used to advertise it this way. "Have it your way."

It's the "the world owes me," type philosophy.

I looked up the definition of "rude" in the dictionary and it is thus: "discourteous, impolite, lacking refinement; coarse or uncouth."

It's the invasion of the discourteous, the impolite, those lacking refinement, the invasion of the coarse or uncouth.

Whether this kind of blog entry will spur the "spammers" on or will stop them, we will see.

All I am asking is - please don't put advertisements on this blog.



Jon said...

We could always invest in a spam blocker, as well as a pop-up blocker, for our site. I would hope that others would respect the site but doubt it very much. I wonder if there is a way for the administrator to remove comments from the blog? Might be something to ask via e-mail...

There's a lot of worldly people out there who would love to take advantage of any site they can. Let's start being proactive if we can.

God will provide


(leo) MB said...

pastor Flattery,

All you need to do to dispose of those "spam" messages that you have is click on the garbage can under the comment. (this must be done when you are logged onto the blog) then that will take out the garbage.


Jon said...

Thanks Mindy! On second thought, a spam blocker would not have stopped this incident of the hassles of the blog world. Just can 'em, G.

Anonymous said...

Under your settings you can block the spam by setting up word verification.