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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Bible says, "Whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights." (Proverbs 3:12)

None of us like to be corrected. From cradle to the grave, we hesitate when we are forced to examine our actions and attitudes.

Now follow me. God is my father. He is my parent. He is responsible for my well being.

Sometimes I choose to do stupid stuff. Sometimes I make a wrong choice.

God says, "no, George, that's not the way to go."

I keep doing it.

God says, "George, since you didn't learn the last time, I am going to have to discipline you."

That's the "bad" news.

The "good" news is that he disciplines me for my good, and that he never gives me more than I can handle.

God doesn't take a belt and begin to wail on me out of a burst of anger. He doesn't call me bad names and tell me what a waste I am of a human being.

He doesn't compare me with others, "why can't you be like so and so."

He loves me. He accepts me. He wants the best for me.

Ed Young writes, "There is a difference between hurt and harm. As parents, we know that discipline hurts. And, sometimes, when we have to set boundaries with our children or say no to a particular activity that they really want to do, it hurts their feelings. In the long run, though, we know that this kind of tough love does not harm our children. Rather, it makes them stronger and more disciplined as they grow up.

God does the same with us. Sometimes, God has to correct us in ways that hurt for a time but, in the long run, make us spiritually stronger. If we, through our maturity and experience, know what's best for our children, how much more does God, in His infinite wisdom, know what's best for us. Instead of complaining, thank God for loving you enough to correct you when you need it."

Good stuff


Jon said...

In today's world, the "ME FIRST" world, no one seems to want boundaries or rules or restrictions. As a parent, I know that even when my children push for liberty and breathing space, they still want me to show I care by setting boundaries for them. As they mature, the boundaries are expanded and decisions are placed in their hands as to their behavior and other issues. When they make the wrong call, my obligation as a parent is to discuss that with them so that the wrong call is not repeated.

That's what our Father does for us as well. Fortunately for me, He is patient and kind and always there for I have been a stubborn, rebellious son. So, some of the lessons have hurt but, looking back on them, I have to thank Him for the lesson. Sometimes people look at us (and if you identify with this, say Amen) as being weird, or even masochistic, when we thank God for the hard times in our lives, or the painful lessons that He provided for us (or at the very least allowed us to go through) in our lives. They say we must be crazy to love a God who would allow these things...but as a parent, haven't you ever allowed your child to do something so they could learn the lesson. The stove being hot is a good example; we tell our kids that it's hot but they still need to touch it to learn the lesson...and we allow that to happen so that they will know in a controlled environment. Being so much greater than we, do we think that God did not know the value of actual experience before we did? And does He not control the environment in which we learn our lessons?

God is a great and merciful God, extending His love to all those who come to Him. If you're away from God, come back today; if you're close, thank Him for the things you've learned in your life...either through good or bad events. Praising God during the easy (or good) times shows our appreciation; Praising Him during the rough (or bad) times shows our faith!

May God bless and keep you


Words are deadly said...

God truly is MY father.

Mine was never around, especialy now he won't ever be, except at "court provided times"

But I know one thing, No matter how much MY dad isn't around- God (my true daddy) is ALWAYS there. To correct me, to guide me, to love me, and to comfort me.

I love my daddy(God)!!!

What about you?