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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Are you ready for some football!

Football season is almost here. High school and college start in a week or two, the pros not far behind.

My forecast. USC will once again reign in college football with Texas giving them a great chase.

Lakeview High School will go 6 and 3 and make the playoffs. (As long as they beat Harper Creek, I'm okay with whatever record they come up with)

The Super Bowl will consist of two teams who weren't there last year. There is so much parity in the National Football League that any team, in any given year could win. Which is what makes New England's three championships in the last four years so phenomenal!

The Dallas Cowboys will go 10 and 6 and make the playoffs but will lose in their first playoff game.

Bledsoe will last until the 7th game, maybe the 9th depending on how stubborn Parcells is. The battle will be between Tony Romo and Drew Henson to see who's going to be the quarterback, with Tony Romo winning out until Drew Henson can take over next year.

What are your forecasts?


Words are deadly said...

I see sunshine until May. LOL


Jon said...

Wow, bold predictions...I see USC falling from the top. They'll be near there but an early season loss will spell the end of a title run. Texas, God bless them, may finally hit the big time if they can stop from underachieving...they've got all the tools necessary to go undefeated. National champs, eh, who knows...too much subjective politicking involved to even guess at this point. I still favor an 4 team playoff at the end of the year...expandable to 8 in the case of ties in record. That would give us a truer answer to who the best team in college football will be. High school...I haven't followed high school football since I was in Texas, where it rules! I'd like to see Lakeview do well as I only live down the street but I'm trying to figure out how I can get my neighbors on the next street over to cut down their tree so I can watch the games from my roof...only early in the season though! As far as the pros go, I like the Steelers out of the AFC and a you-pick-em out of the NFC, with the Steelers taking it all. The Cowboys should realize fairly early that Bledsoe is not the answer and could go 8-8, if they're lucky...Henson is a gamble at this point but may be starting by season's end. I miss Tom Landry!