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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Being a healing presence in the midst of others

I am a Christian. That means that I believe that Jesus gave his life on the cross for my mistakes and failures, that I might have a restored relationship with God. Once I decide to start a relationship with God through Jesus, God's Holy Spirit comes and lives in me.

It's an incredible, almost surreal thought. That the Spirit of God comes and lives in me!

Yet, we in the kingdom can become extremely self-serving and selfish if we are not careful with what God has given us.

We speak of God's spirit as being the "power of God". God's power. And God is mighty.

In the world power is used to win, to enforce to dictate. The world speaks of power lunches, power ties, power forwards in basketball, power tennis, power, power, power!

Yet in the spiritual kingdom that we walk in as Christians, God's power is used to heal, reconcile and unite. It is the power of The Spirit. It's given not that we might be served but that we might be servants, not that we might take control but that we might relinquish control.

Some become "altar junkies" in that they look forward to experiencing God's spirit so they might leave with a "spiritual high", only to live as they lived the week before, and the week before that.

God gives me the power of His spirit that I might grow, and grow in my service to others!

It's in giving that I receive.

It's in dying that I live.

When Jesus walked on this planet as man, people wanted to be close to him and touch him because, "power came out of him" (Luke 6:19)

It is this power that Jesus wants to give us.

But here is the reason that he gives us His power: To be a healing presence in the midst of others. We can get so caught up in experiencing God's power in the big building where we have celebration services on Sunday morning that we forget that when we are filled with God's Spirit, we cannot help but be healers to the world around us.

May God's power be shown through you and I today in a way that brings peace, love and joy to those around us!


jarTO said...

It only takes one altar experience to change lives and ignite a fire within people to seek more of God. I am thankful for those experiences when I have received a Word from the Lord either from him or through others. However, that experience will not be what allows one to bring peace and love to others - it is what we do through the week in our time with the Lord. I agree with everything you have written here and as Christians, we must desire intimacy with the Lord more than we desire the altar experience. It is our time with the Lord that will guide us and teach us how to love and live as he does - as servants and peacemakers. I am unable to do this on my own and the true spiritual high that I receive comes from a daily putting off of the flesh and putting on the Spirit. I have to choose to do these each and every day as the “altar experience on Sunday” would not get me through the week. When I miss my time with the Lord, building that relationship He longs to have with me, my flesh takes over more than it should. If we want to have the altar experience, we need to start at home. My bedroom is my “altar” and that’s where I go when I need Him most.

Youth Extreme said...

The greatest leaders in history have been servant leaders. Those who serve out of love for others in a humble spirit. We, at times allow our flesh to interfer with our desire to serve so we end up being mad and upset when people fail to acknowledge our work. We need to do things under the cover of Jesus Christ and out of the public eye. To be humble and joyful out of serving. The alter experiance is good. Lets not forget that it is needed in our lives, such as being filled with the holy spirit, and receiving healing. But it should not be what we live for. It is a daily consistant relatinship with God that brings us to a point of enjoying a life of sevanthood and helping others. Lets learn from Jesus and share love with everyone not just those who we feel are deserving of our love.

Youth Extreme said...
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