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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Samson was a strong guy. Manly. The epitome of testosterone. Open to the sensual. Impulsive. Given to quick, rash decisions. Long-haired.

Samson falls spiritually. He gives in to the temptations of Delilah and loses his power.

Yet Samson was a "dead duck" spiritually long before Delilah came along.

Samson had taken a Nazerite vow, which said that he was not to cut his hair, drink anything with alcohol or touch a dead body. The Word says that "...he turned aside to look at the lion's carcass. In it was a swarm of bees and some honey, which he scooped out with his hands and ate as he went along," thus, touching a dead body.

Not long after that "he made a feast" which suggests that he drank alcohol.

We rarely fall spiritually all of a sudden. Usually it is after many compromises and downward steps, howbeit small, in a downward negative direction.

It has been said that "living the Christian life is not difficult to live, it is impossible." That is so true in the context of living the Christian faith without the help of the Holy Spirit and accountability with others.

As one author said, "accountability is the missing link" in most of our lives. One of the greatest reasons all of us get into trouble is that we don't answer to anyone for our lifestyles.

We need accountability when it comes to our relationships with our spouses, children, God, our inner life, our use of money and time, our moral and ethical behavior and all areas of personal struggle.

There is the "visible you" that we all show to others around us. We talk about sports and the weather, it's on a cliche level.

But then there is the "real you" that we guard as tightly as Fort Knox. It is our unexamined life. Our secret thought life. Our ambitions, motives, our relationship (or lack thereof) with God, and the emotional issues that we deal with such as pride, fear and anger.

If we are not careful, and accountable, the "real you" will shear a hole in your ship as you float across the water of life. You might not see the tear at first, but it will eventually flood your soul and swamp your boat.

So - be accountable to someone. Let someone know about the "real you" on a consistent basis. Accountability is more than meeting once a week in a restaurant and talking and "chewing the fat". In that setting hard questions are not asked. Vulnerability is not encouraged.

accountability is a weekly time of sharing, praying and being open with someone about your deepest needs and fears. It involves living "in a fish bowl" with someone you trust.

Seek after accountability today. Don't be afraid to be open with someone for the sake of drawing closer to God and guarding yourself against failure.

Don't be a Samson! Don't try to do it on your own!

You will never regret it.

(For more information about accountability, read the excellent chapter on accountability in the book, "The Man in the Mirror" by Patrick Morely)

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Jon said...

There is another good book concerning Samson, called "The Samson Syndrome" which provides guidance for becoming a Christian man. We have it in the church library though it hasn't made it to the shelves yet...if you want to look it over, let me know!