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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Unconditional love

There is no feeling like knowing that you are loved unconditionally. That no matter what happens to you or becasue of you someone, somewhere will always be there to encourage you, pull you up and dust you off and push you on.

Yet unconditional love is not unconditional approval. Many times we confuse the two in the kingdom of God.

"You don't love me!" cries out the teenager in the midst of being punished for a wrong that they have done.

"You don't love me!" wails the parishioner to his pastor when the parishioner has been caught in a sin and is disciplined by either God or the leadership of the church.

"You don't love me!" moans the Christian when God allows difficult things in our lives to bring us back to Him.

God loves us unconditionally. However, he doesn't approve of everything that we do. God doesn't approve of bad attitudes, backbiting, slander, unrighteous anger or pride.

But God does love you and me. God does not give up on us even when he is saddened by what we do.

That truth, more than any other, should prompt us to constantly return to God.


rhinelander24 said...

"True love is blind"...

I used to get this warm, cozy feeling when hearing the phrase. Just the thought of acceptance, of differences unnoticed, unaware of the piece of broccoli caught between my teeth.

I've been doing some thinking though...

I propose that true love is not blind, rather, it is looking at one another and at one's self with eyes wide open. Nothing can be hidden. It's all right there: the nervous habit acquired from Mom, the scar from five years ago that still sends chills from the past at times when you look at it, the seventh bad hair day in a row... Dirty. Bruised. Broken. Exposed.

I understand "love is blind". I understand that we would prefer that love be blind. I understand that human error and human pride beg us to clothe ourselves in the finest silks, the finest jewelry, the sweetest aroma... All just to be loved. However, where is the truth?

True love is with eyes wide open: yours, mine, God's. True love is recognizing the magnitude of God's grace... without it, true love, unconditional love, is impossible. No matter how much we try to bribe God to wear tinted glasses, pull the shades, and give us a robe... He will refuse. When God looks upon us, naked and ashamed, His intention is to open our eyes to the beauty He sees... for we were created in His image.

Firstag Music said...

Love must be based on a decision, not a feeling for it to be unconditional. I don't feel the love when my kids are disobeying me, but I choose to love them. I don't feel the love when I'm arguing with my wife, but I choose to love her.

Are there times that God doesn't "feel" the love for us, but he chooses to?