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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Kids like to ask questions. "How far do we have to go?" "Are we there yet?" "What does (and pick your word) mean?"

Questions are good. It shows an inquiring mind. It shows thoughtfulness.

Yet as adults we need to ask ourselves why we raise questions. Questions can be asked for self serving reasons.

Some questions are asked to show that someone else is wrong. The answer is known, but in order to raise an issue a question is asked.

I see this happen all of the time in the kingdom of God, or the church.

"But I was just asking a question," is the reply to the question of why a question is asked and the negative consequences that follow.

Walking in integrity means that I question my question. And leave the answers alone.


Firstag Music said...

I like to ask questions, especially when something isn't clear to me. The unspoken question is whether it's my lack of understanding or a lack communication on the other persons part. Of course, I can also tend to be sarcastic and pretend I don't understand the question, not that I would ever do that to my boss.

As with any issue, it really comes down to the motive of our hearts. Only God knows what's really inside there.

Steinwaygirl said...
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Youth Extreme said...

We were on the golf course the other day and I asked a question...It was one of those moments were the answer was obvious..IT was at that moment I knew there was a better question that should have been asked...To many times we speak out loud questions of situations or events when we should remain silent, think and ask the better question...Some day I am going to learn this art and actually practice it..Kids ask question out of a want to learn, adults ask questions out of a need to know...One is good the other could be considered gossip...Questions say a lot about the individual and their motives..